A New Breed of Crime-fighters

Crime Fighting Duo

Crime Fighting Duo

We have the newest breed of crime-fighters in our midst.  A few weekends ago, Young Leaders armed with paint brushes and hammers set out to improve a local early learning center in Ensley.  The center is a part of United Way’s Success By 6 initiative to enhance school readiness for pre-schoolers in Central Alabama.

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Let’s hear it for the man!

Matt, Jim Gorrie, and Josh "Super Glue" Westerhold at the 2007 United Way Superhero 5K organized by MattIn the words of Denise Williams, “Let’s give the boy man a hand!”  One of our own Young Leaders, Matt Chapman, was announced today as the recipient of the 2008 Outsanding Youth in Philanthropy, given by the Alabama Association of Fundraisings Professionals.  He is even featured in this week’s issue of the Birmingham Business Journal.

Matt (on right) was nominated for the award by the United Way Young Leaders Society for his tireless work to prove that young professinals not only financially support their favorite causes, but they can have a great time doing it.  Here is a little snippit written about him:

Matthew Chapman is a young man with a mission who uses his personal passion and style to make a difference in causes that really count.  Whether he’s organizing a charity road race or a backyard barbecue fundraiser, he provides an example to his peers of how philanthropy can be accessible and fun.

Matt is currently organizing the second annual United Way Superhero 5K race on Saturday, September 6th.  You can stop by any Trak Shak location or visit www.active.com to register for the race.

Thank you, Matt, for all of your hard work supporting local nonprofits as well as demonstrating that young professionals can and do play a major role in improving our community.  Congratulations on your well deserved award!

Fixed incomes pinched by rising prices

While attending a tax training class earlier this month, I read this article in USA Today “Rising prices hammer seniors on fixed incomes.” Monday morning, back in the office, I was preparing a tax return for a 71-year old grandmother, so that she could receive her $300 Economic Stimulus payment. Living on an income of about $7,000 a year must not be easy, and depending on a walker to get around adds its own challenges, but she was all smiles and graciousness.

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