St. Patrick had a Big Mouth

happystpatricksdayAs we don our green, prepare our potatoes, and turn all manner of liquids green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, a couple of historians pause to remember the man that inspired this holiday.  According to several accounts, St. Patrick did not drive away snakes or perform other magnificent feats.  In fact, he spent years imprisoned in slavery during his early years.  So why the celebration?

St. Patrick had a big mouth and it was not for drinking green libations.  It turns out, in spite of his difficult years as a “young professional,” he developed strong beliefs during those trying times and dedicated the remainder of his life to advocating for those beliefs.  In fact, he was such a great advocate, he was named the patron saint of a nation.  Not too bad for someone who simply figured out how to put his big mouth to good  use, huh?

Regularly on this blog we discuss how we as young professionals can give back to our community through giving, volunteering, and raising our voice as an advocate for important causes.  Therefore, I challenge you to incorporate a new tradition into your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations: Be an advocate for something you believe in and tell your fellow revelers and issue you stand for as you raise a glass to one of the most celebrated advocates in history!


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